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Private Mailbox Rental

With our PMB services you have the ability to receive ALL size packages from any couriers since we offer a physical address
For example your future address could be:

John Smith
9 W. Ridgely Rd.
Suite 337
Lutherville, MD 21093

We give you the customer the choice of Suite # or Box #, depending on what best suits your needs.

We offer 2 types of box rentals
Commercial and Personal Mailbox rentals

Commercial Rental Rates

3 months - $120.00
6 months - $225.00
$395.00 per year

(1 year rental gives you 3 months free)

Personal Rental Rates

3 months - $90.00
6 months - $150.00
$295.00 per year

(1 year rental gives you 3 months free)

$5.00 key deposit
$10.00 setup fee

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